Drones and Construction

The use of drones in construction has many timesaving, health and safety and cost benefits.

We can track construction progress with photography, aerial video and timelapses. Map the topography of land, provide annotated site maps, 360 aerial panoramas, provide GPS referenced imaging with measurement data and provide stockpile analysis/volumetrics..

Watch your project come to life...

Want to keep track of construction progress? We offer a unique way of merging progress into seamless transitions. View changes happening in 'real time' and watch your project become reality in one of our progress videos.

Construction Progress

Using GPS locations, we can map your construction progress at various stages throughout the development and then provide comparison imagery and/or videos from the same view on each visit.  Using a drone to create aerial overhead views, showing before and after progress, allows a full site to be seen in one ultra high resolution image. We can also geo reference the images  in GIS software so they display with seamless accuracy as shown below.

Move the slider left and right to compare before and after



By flying the drone over and area and collecting imagery, we can generate topography data for you in the form of Digital Elevation Maps and contour lines. The images gathered can also be used to create a high resolution site map - Useful for aiding Health and Safety overviews and even providing measurement data..

The video opposite demonstrates overlays of DEM and contour lines against an orthomosaic high resolution map. 

3D Models

Whether it's for pre-site analysis, showcasing a finished project, or providing a virtual tour, we can create detailed 3D models and point cloud data of anything from a car to an entire housing development.

Drone Stockpile Reports and Volumetrics

Accurate, fast and safe. You can save time and money using aerial/drone surveys to create accurate stockpile measurements. More accurate than traditional GNSS surveying, much safer and a lot faster, there are few scenarios where using drone data for volumetric calculations and measuring stockpiles is not beneficial.

How accurate can we get? Read our blog to find out - How accurate is Drone Data?

11) WakefieldRoad Salt Pile-DEM.jpg