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Mapping and Land Surveying


Aerial 2D and 3D Maps

Using drones to do aerial surveys, we can provide detailed 3D and 2D maps to measure relative distance, area and elevation. If needed, our maps and data can even be cloud hosted, for you to access both anywhere and anytime. We can provide geotagged (georeferenced GEOTif) images and DEM or DTM data for use in GIS software, or supply ready to use outputs ourselves - The image opposite is a basic example showing DEM colouring, hill shading, orthomosaic and contour lines.

Large Scale Mapping

Using a drone to provide aerial photography on automated mapping missions; Kilometers of land can be mapped in hours using photogrammetry. It would be near impossible to get this amount of detail at this scale, in such a small amount of time without using a drone or expensive satellite imaging. All this, with no need to worry about disturbing wildlife or hiking uneven terrain. The time it takes and quality of the final outputs can be finely adjusted for any scenario.

The example here shows roughly 1KM/2 of land mapped at 3.2CM per pixel resolution, captured in under 1 hour.

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High Resolution Custom Maps

The quality of the maps we create are far superior to satellite imagery.


Compare for yourself using the slider or 

View a large scale version here 

We can create high res site maps with annotations if needed, with links, images and text.