Aerial Inspections

Having a pair of eyes in the sky can save you lots of time and money. Using a drone, structural inspections can be carried out within minutes, saving staff time and avoiding costly scaffolding charges. Data can be shared instantly and with nobody actually leaving the ground, health and safety issues are minimised. 

We can't fix all your problems, but we can assist in a cost effective and timely manner to find what does need fixing!

Easily Identifiable

Performing roof inspections of large roofs such as retail or industrial units usually requires pre-programming a route for the drone to fly and capture consistent imagery.

Roof inspections need to be detailed... but close up photos can introduce a loss of orientation when viewing all the images for a report - It's hard to know exactly where the photo was taken on a roof that looks the same in nearly every photo. For this reason, Vantage adopted it's own solution where we plot all image locations by their GPS coordinates over a map of the area. 

Now you can just check the image number against the location reference image!

Photo Locations.jpg

Delivered the way you want

Photography, stitched orthomosaic or 3D model... There's more than 1 way to view your data.

Photographs provide a traditional method of locating problems, but they may take time to check through on large inspections.

Orthomosaic images can be georeferenced and layered over existing maps, images and CAD drawings to provide true orientation and location.

3D models offer a high tech way of viewing the roof as if you were really there. - This method offers the most interactive way of inspection but requires plenty of planning and post processing to ensure the data is accurate and reliable.