(Operating Safety Case)

What's an OSC?

An Operating Safety Case is granted by the Civil Aviation Authority to gain additional permissions when flying drones. Our OSC allows us to fly closer, higher and at greater distances than 90%* of other drone companies.

(*A conservative  estimate based on CAA figures)

How does it benefit you?

When asked to provide drone services in built up areas, drone operators (or the client) often have to seek lots of permissions from people and buildings within a 30-50m proximity. This is to ensure the flight is legal and covered under the operator's insurance. 

Drones are supposed to simplify things, not make them complicated...That's where the OSC comes in.

Vantage has permission to reduce this distance down to 5-10m - That means in a city or town, it puts us at an advantage, spending less time chasing permissions and more time doing the job!

Less stress. Less admin. More efficiency.

How does it compare?

See the table below which highlights what distances can be achieved under our OSC vs other operators.

*Hobbyists are included below for reference, but under UK law are not entitled to carry out commercial work.


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