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Working at heights - The advantages of using drones for roof surveys

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Mavic 2 Inspection
Drone Performing Building Inspection

Our client contacted us about using a drone for a large roof survey - 2 x 53,800 sq ft hangars with pitched roofs. They needed to inspect the roof for damage in order to create a report for their client.


Our client had previously envisioned using a cherry picker, however due to Covid-19 this had been made impossible. Social distancing regulations meant they were unable to have the surveyor and the operator both on the platform. For this reason they wanted to see whether using drones would be a viable alternative.


Using a drone to survey both roofs offered the ability to reach areas that would have been otherwise impossible using the cherry picker. Trees lined the side of one of the hangars and another side was inaccessible from the ground.

Using the drone to fly in a 'lawnmower' pattern over the roof meant that the whole area could be seen with no limitations, and it had the added benefit of being able to get close up photos on specific areas of interest. Images were

broken down into sections and then delivered to the client for use in their report. Not only that, but the images could be stitched together into one hi-res Geo-referenced orthomosaic image of the entire roof, showing the roof condition in detail in every area.


The drone was able to efficiently capture photos of both roofs - a combined area of 107,600 sq ft - in less than 3 hours, without any access limitations and with the added bonus of being able to stop and get closer shots where necessary. 'Working at height' risks were eliminated, both reducing risk assessment documentation and creating a safer working environment for everyone on site. Not only this, but overall costs were also reduced - with the hire of drone being less than that of the hire of a cherry picker.

Overall benefits:

  • Reducing risk from working at height

  • Lower cost

  • No access limitations and images of whole roof captured

  • Efficient


If you're interested in finding out more about how using a drone on your next project could help, please get in touch: info@vantagedrones.co.uk

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